WPCX Schedule

WPCX Race #1 (Sept 8th, 2018)  RP Day Festival and Bike Race at Riverview Park Presented by Bear Dog Cycling BikeReg

WPCX#2 (Sept 16th, 2018) SRU Cyclocross at the ROCK Presented by Trek Ambassadors and the SRU Cross Country Team BikeRegResultsPhotos by Cassie FetzerPhotos by Mike BriggsPhotos by Garrett Talkington

WPCX#3 (Oct 13th, 2018) CX Appeal Presented by La Prim Espresso Co. and Brew 32 BikeReg, Results,Photos by Cassie Fetzer, Photos by Mike Briggs

WPCX#4 (Nov 4th, 2018) Racoon Top Park/ Dirty Harrys Cross BikeReg,  Photos by Cassie Fetzer , Photos by Mike Briggs and timing by Jon Rosen (Results)

WPCX#5 (Nov 11th, 2018) Franklin Park Grand Prix Presented by the Nugo Racing Team Bikereg, Photos by Mike Briggs and timing by Jon Rosen (Results)

WPCX#6-7 (Nov 17-18th, 2018) Keystone Double Cross Presented by Flat Tire Co. Cancelled

WPCX#8-9 (Dec 1-2nd, 2018) JMac Cycling Double CX Presented by JMac Cycling LLC BikeReg


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